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The Service Provider Certification

The certification is a 12-month commitment with access to all 12 core programs that will certify you as an official Service Provider.
(Value of $12,000)

Along with the core courses you also receive access to every paid masterclass from the time of your enrollment through the duration of the 12 months.
(There is a masterclass or two offered every month with the value of $99-555 per masterclass.)

Gain access to the Service Provider Club where you bypass the monthly membership fee and get immediate access to networking with other service providers, a complimentary idea call with Catie for 15 minutes, and access to the monthly Q&A sessions.
(Value of $1,188)

But that's not all.

Bi-weekly you can submit two items of your work for review.  Once this item is received Catie will provide custom critiques and feedback to help you solidify the piece of work you submitted.  This could be examples of your services, packages, pricings, we can review it all and ensure you're on the right track to success!

(Value of $7,200)


Everything is entirely yours for $550/month or $6000 paid in full
(This will NEVER be this low again, as you see the value is out of this world)

At the completion of your 12 months certification, you will be a celebrated alumni with multiple work opportunities to apply for that we will post for you or you can take on clients for Catie Foster LLC.

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